Yamada was listed on the Main Board of SGX-ST on 8 October 2010. Yamada is an agricultural food product processing group based in Fujian Province, PRC. Our agricultural food products are processed from various types of fresh vegetables and semi-processed food products purchased from our suppliers. Our processed food products include water-boiled bamboo shoots, processed mushroom and konjac-based products. Currently, Yamada’s food processing operations, which adheres to stringent safety standards and requirements, are carried out at its main factory where it employs over 200 workers.

Our products are mainly exported to Japan under our customers’ brand names. Serving a long-established customer base from Japan, Yamada has earned a strong reputation of providing high quality products to food distributors and wholesalers in Japan. A smaller portion of our products is distributed and sold to PRC customers through local supermarket chains, distributor and convenience stores in major cities under our own brands like “研食坊”.

Yamada has also made considerable investments into office and logistics properties in PRC and Singapore, following the disposal of its bamboo, eucalyptus and parts of its mushroom plantations over the past few years. Rental from these properties will become a new source of income for the Group over the next few years.

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